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Appointments and Fees

Petro Vorster Inc Table View Physiotherapy Practice Hours:

Monday-Friday 8am-6pm

Saturday 9am-1pm

Petro Vorster Inc Milnerton Physiotherapy Practice Hours:

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Practice No: 0496758

Appointment Policy:

Appointments can be made by calling us or by visiting one of our practices. Physiotherapists are first-line practitioners; doctor's referral is not necessary. Appointments are scheduled on the hour or half hour and can last between 30-60min depending on the condition.

What to expect at 1st Appointment

The initial appointment is used to complete a thorough assessment, identify a diagnosis, and establish an appropriate treatment plan for your condition. You may be expected to undress so that the physiotherapist is able to examine the relevant area, so comfortable clothing is advised. We do have shorts available if necessary.

Cancellation Policy:

Appointments not cancelled 2 hours prior to the scheduled time will be charged at R440 per half-hour for your private account.


Fees are guided by the tariffs advised to us by the various Medical Aid Funds. ICD-10 codes are utilised with invoices submitted directly to your medical fund. There may, however, be a small discrepancy due to the lack of a standardised price list. The member will be responsible for any difference. Patients who are not members of a medical aid fund, or without medical aid funds available for physiotherapy, will be expected to settle their accounts after each consultation. Credit card facilities are available. We regret that we are not able to accept Diners Club or American Express cards.

Please note that we are a VAT Registered Physiotherapy Practice.


PAIA Document for Petro Vorster and Partners Inc (practice number 0496758)

Petro Vorster and Partners Inc
Company reg: 201300270621
Compiled: March 2017


Section Page
Introduction to Practice 3
Section A – Our Details 3
Section B – SAHRC Guide 4
Section C – Information available at the Practice 4
Procedure for requesting access to information 6

PAIA Document for Petro Vorster and Partners Inc (Practice number 0496758)
Manual to access information in terms of section 51 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act
Introduction to Practice
This private practice is the practice of Ms Petro Jacoba Vorster, Mrs Anja Heyns and Mr Nicholas Alexander Visser. We run our practice according to the requirements set by the Health Professionals Act of 1974, and are subject to the authority of the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA). Our business is to practice physiotherapy within the scope and ambit of our competence and training, as defined from time to time. We are bound by a number of ethical rules issued by the HPCSA, most notably the duty to preserve patient confidentiality, unless legislation or a court order compels us to breach this duty.

Section A – Our Details
Full names: Petro Jacoba Vorster
Anja Heyns
Nicholas Alexander Visser
Practice number: 0496758
Registered Address: Baymed Medical Centre, Cnr Arum Road/Raats Drive,
Table View, 7441
P.O.Box 11093, Bloubergrandt, 7443
Telephone number: 021 557 4515
Fax number: 021 557 4215
Heads: Petro Vorster, Anja Heyns, Nicholas Visser
Designated Information
Officer: Anja Heyns

Section B – The official SA Human Right Commission Guide
Section 10 of the Act requires the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRDC) to publish a Guide containing information reasonably required by a person wishing to exercise or protect any rights in terms of this Act. The SAHRC Guide will contain the following information: the objects of the Act; particulars of the information officer of every public body; particulars of every private body as are practicable; the manner and form of a request for access to information held by a body; assistance available from both the information officers and the Human Rights Commission in terms of this Act; all remedies in law regarding acts, omissions, rights and duties, including how to lodge an internal appeal and a court application; schedules of fees to be paid in relation to requests for access to information; regulations made in terms of the Act. Copies of this Guide will be available as soon as it is published by the SAHRC, the contact details of which are as follows: South African Human Rights Commission, Promotion of Access to Information Act Unit, Private Bag 2700, Houghton, 2041. Telephone (011) 484-8300, Fax (011) 484-0582; website; email

Section C – Information available at this practice in terms of the Act
Categories of Information
a. Information on form of practice
We are an incorporated company and hold the registration documents issued by CIPC.

b. Information relating to the professional status of persons working in the practice
a. Certificates and cards proving professional registration at the HPCSA and other relevant Boards and Councils
b. Proof of Payment of annual registration fees

c. Assets, financial information and records held in terms of Medicines Control Act of 1965
a. Register of mortgages and debentures and fixed assets
b. Annual financial statements including annual accounts
c. Books of account
d. Supporting schedules to books of account and ancillary books of account
e. Accounting records
f. Books of account including journals and ledgers
g. Bank statements
h. Delivery notes, orders, invoices, statements, receipts, vouchers and bills of exchange
i. Claims to medical aid schemes

d. Patient records
Records are held on all patients. Records are kept for 6 years, or as legislation from time to time determines. Children’s records are kept until the age of 21. In the case of patients with reduced mental capacity, records are kept indefinitely. These records constitute personal confidential information that is protected from unauthorised third party access.

e. Employment records
a. Employee’s names and occupations
b. Time worked by each employee
c. Remuneration paid to each employee
d. Leave register
e. Salary and wages register
f. Disciplinary proceedings
g. Skills development plan and training records
h. Staff records (after date of employment ceases)
i. IRP5’s and tax information pertaining to the employment of employees
j. Employee contracts
k. Performance management records
l. Conditions of employment and policies (including but not limited to leave policies, telephone policy etc.)
m. Locum agreements and locum records

f. Health and safety
a. Evacuation plan
b. Information related to Health and Safety Officer

g. Property (fixed and mobile)
a. Lease agreements

h. Agreements and contracts
a. Agreements with utility companies
b. Contracts including waste removal and human resources management

i. Taxation and VAT
Copies of all Income Tax Returns and other tax returns and documents relating to Income Tax and VAT

j. Legal
a. Complaints, pleadings, briefs and other documents pertaining to any actual, pending or threatened litigation, arbitration or investigation
b. Settlement agreements

k. Insurance
a. Insurance policies
b. Professional indemnity
c. Claim records
d. Details of insurance coverages
e. Limits and insurers

Procedure for requesting access to the above information
If you wish to request access to any of the above categories of information, you are required to complete a request form available from our information officer, the SAHRC website ( or the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development website ( Please also note that if you earn below R14 712 a year or you and your partners combined income is less than R27 192 per year, you will not have to pay a request fee with your application. You will also not have to pay a request fee if your request for information is a request for your personal information. In all other instances a fee of R50.00 needs to accompany your request.
You may also be called upon to pay the additional fees prescribed by regulation for searching for and compiling the information which you have requested, including copying charges. Access to information is not automatic – you must identify the right you are seeking to exercise or protect and explain why the record you request is required for this right. You will be notified whether your request has been approved. The fact that information is held by us and being listed in this manual should not be construed as conferring upon any requester a right to that information.

PJ Vorster NA Visser A Heyns
(Director) (Director) (Director)


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