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Dear patients, doctors, and allied health professionals

Petro Vorster established the practice in 1986 in the Medi Centre, Blaauwberg Rd and we moved to the Baymed Centre in November 2015. The services of the practice were extended to accommodate our patients in the Milnerton Medi Clinic, Racecourse Rd, Milnerton in 1994, and our rooms at Annex 116, Milnerton Medi Clinic were opened in 1999.

The practice has grown, and currently includes five physiotherapists with varying fields of interests, skills, and experience. With more than 35 years of experience as a practicing physiotherapist, Petro leads a dynamic team of physiotherapists, who are as committed to quality care as she is.

The practice has since grown, and we are excited to announce that Anja Heyns and Nic Visser, after years of service, have joined Petro as partners in the practice. We have launched the practice as a company as from 26 May 2013, trading as Blouberg Physio. We invite you and your patients to look up our website for information on the practice and our services

On an operational front, nothing changes in terms of the service we provide to you. We still operate from our rooms at Milnerton MediClinic and Table View Baymed Centre, with the same opening hours as before. We continue to provide you with the best evidence-based service possible and assure you of our commitment to our patients, the multi-disciplinary team, and our profession.

We look forward to continuing our successful relationship with you!

Kind regards Petro Vorster

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